29 Jul, 2009 in Internet Marketing, Programming by

If you’re signed up to lots of affiliate programs, you’ll know the hassle of logging in to each one of them to check your stats. Like most people, you probably do that several times a day. That adds up to a lot of wasted time. If you’re more advanced, you’re probably storing the results in […]

24 Jul, 2009 in Programming by

I needed to integrate an application into Twitpic for uploading pictures related to a Tweet. So after spending a few hours reading over there API spec, I’ve created a simple class library for accessing Twitpics 2 remote calls: Class Twitpic: public Twitpic(byte[] media, string twitterUsername, string twitterPassword) public TwitpicResponse UploadAndPost(string message) public TwitpicResponse Upload() Here’s […]