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Using Microsoft Live Mesh to keep your RoboForms Passcards synchronized between devices


Microsoft Live Mesh (D/L link) makes synchronizing files & folders between multiple Windows PCs very easy for free.

In this example I’ll be showing you how to keep your RoboForms (D/L link)Passcards synchronized between your main work PC & your personal laptop, for example.

(In order to continue with this example you must have RoboForms & Live Mesh installed).

1. Find out where your Passcards are currently stored on your main RoboForms PC.

RoboForms Toolbar

Click the green Settings icon on your RoboForms toolbar, then select “Options”.

RoboForms Options Menu

RoboForms User Data Options

Select “User Data” to find the location of your RoboForms Passcards. Now click “Explore Folder”.

RoboForm Passcards folder

2. Synchronize your Passcards.

Right-click on “My RoboForm Data” and select “Add folder to your Live Mesh…”


Just click OK leaving the name the default. This will begin to synchronize your existing Passcards into the Mesh.

3. Connect to your shared Passcards from your laptop.

From the other devices you want to use the same Passcards on make sure you already have RoboForms & Live Mesh already installed.

On the desktop of your secondary device, a folder called “My RoboForm Data” should be waiting on the desktop for a destination folder to synchronize in to.


Double-click the pending folder to get the “Synchronize Folder” dialog. Click OK on this to begin downloading a local copy of your RoboForm Passcards.

4. Connect your secondary RoboForms Toolbar to the synchronized folder.

Repeat Step #1 to get to the User Data location on your laptop.

This time click “Set Folder” to browse to the location of your local copy of the Passcards.

Click OK on the RoboForms Options menu and restart your browser to make sure the settings take effect.

From now on any Passcards you create on either computer will stay synchronized.

If you haven’t done so, you can register RoboForms. The price is well worth the human brain power saved & increased security.

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