WhyteSpyder Can Help You Meet the Walmart SAO Initiative


Whether you sell one or 1 million products WhyteSpyder can help your business.

We provide quality data and content for retailers to use online. This can be in the form of photos, videos, and writing. We also use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure anyone can easily find your content.

All of these services come together to create just one part of our overall philosophy, Markendising.

For an example of what WhyteSpyder and Markendising is doing in the retail world, let’s look at literally the world’s largest retailer, Walmart. They recently established new requirements for online data and content under something called the Walmart Store Assortment Online (SAO) Initiative. Basically, Walmart is asking all of their product manufacturers and suppliers to provide online data and content for all of their products sold in Walmart stores.

This data and content will be placed on Walmart.com in what is called a stock keeping unit (SKU) page. Retail SKUs, like the pages on Walmart.com, offer a plethora of opportunity for enhanced content like product pictures, demonstration videos, and SEO writing that links more customers to the SKU page. This product setup for SKUs is a proven method of increasing sales.

The SAO initiative efforts can be described as a quest for Global Data Synchronization (GDS). GDS will make supply chain management more efficient and profitable, while providing customers with the information they are demanding.

Regardless of if you sell your product through a massive vendor like Walmart or if you have a personal site, WhyteSpyder can use the fundamentals of Markendising to help you grow.

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